Valentine Chocolate Delight-Couple Spa Package

February month is special for couples. It is the month of Valentine’s day. Each person expects something special from their partner. Gifts like chocolates, bouquets, etc. are a common choice to give to loved ones. We think of giving something memorable, unique, and one-of-a-kind gifts that will bring a symbol to show love towards the other. This year we at White N Bright spa and salon offer you a new choice to make the day of your loved one more special – Valentine Chocolate Delight Couple Spa Package.

Valentine Chocolate Delight Couple Spa Package is a brand-new offering from White N Bright Spa and Salon, the best unisex Spa and Salon in Thane, Mumbai, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is a symbol of love for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it great if your loved one will be relaxed and energized like they were never before?

We will be offering valentine chocolate delight couple spa package for the whole Valentine week from 7th February to 14th February 2021. You can gift it to your partner and for yourself. The package will include a combo of full body scrub, full body massage, and full-body mask all with a blend of love towards chocolate.  While the scrub will help in simulation, massage will provide you calmness from the daily life pressures. In the end, a chocolate-based mask will give you the relaxation you are craving.

Valentine Spa Gift Chocolate Delight - White N Bright Spa & Salon

Full Body Chocolate Scrub

The full body scrub is an important element of our package. We use chocolate scrub for exfoliation of your skin. The ingredients either the chocolate or oils are well researched and of the best quality. We take extra precautions for allergies and other skin sensitivity issues. Caffeine present in the chocolate will stimulate blood circulation and improve blood flow.

We have chosen chocolates that are rich in antioxidants which will give you a plumper and firmer feel. It also has anti-aging properties. Chocolate will also stimulate collagen production which will help in fighting environmental pollution elements like smoke and dust. The abrasive that we will be using will clear out the layer of dead skin and impurities stuck to your skin gently.

It is suitable for all skin types and we take utmost care that you do not face any issues after the scrubbing process. After the abrasion process, you will have to take shower. We advise you not to use shower gel to keep the essential oils and aroma of chocolate intact. Followed by a high-quality lotion to hydrate your skin. Hydrated skin retains its elasticity and will reduce the occurrence of wrinkles which is common in senior couples. This will rejuvenate you to celebrate the day of love with your partner.

The premises are humid, free from all noises that will help you in relaxing over the course. This environment is suited for full body scrubbing.

Valentine Chocolate Spa Package- White N Bright Spa & Salon

Full Body Chocolate Massage

The history of massage therapy dates back to more than 5000 years ago in India when it was considered a sacred system for natural healing. Massage techniques were passed down through generations and changed its way to adapt to different cultures. It moved from India to China, South East Asia, and Europe. Still today newborn babies in India are given massages to improve their motor skills and improved nervous stimulation. For adults, it relieves pain, heals injuries, and cures illness. In recent times health is a major concern for many. Our fast-moving lifestyle often causes issues that may lead to severe issues in the long term. Massage therapy can be of great help.

Chocolate has been consumed by humans for centuries. The history of chocolate can be traced to the ancient Mayans, and even earlier to the ancient Olmecs of southern Mexico prepared from cacao trees native to South and Central America, its antioxidant properties are proven to reduce stress and fatigue.

It lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow and reduces the risk of heart disease. Its sweet and rich taste is good for the taste buds of the tongue and is often consumed on the occasion of celebration and joy. Parents give it to their children; friends share it and couples embrace it.

Blending massage therapy and chocolate is a new idea to get the benefits of both in White N Bright Spa and Salon, Thane (West). While body scrubbing is focused on outer skin full body massage is more focused on internal parts of the body like muscles and tendons. It will relax your body and you can release all your stress. There are various styles of massage that we specialize in like Swedish massage, Thai massage, sports and trigger point massage.

Our experienced, enthusiastic, and talented therapists will focus on the sore areas of your body and will make sure that the tension is released. They are trained and know exactly what they are doing. Be it the kneading or circular motion, we will calm you down and in an utter sense of bliss. They will listen to your concern and empathize with you.

Chocolate Delight Spa Package- White N Bright Spa & Salon

Full Body Chocolate Mask

The next part of the package is a full-body chocolate mask. We will cover your whole body with a thick layer of melted chocolate mixed with oil. The choice of a mask is dependent on your skin type be it dry, oily, sensitive, or dehydrated. Our special attention to these details makes us the Best Spa and Salon in Thane.

This will give you the full benefits of chocolate that you read about. The aroma of melted chocolate on your body will have a refreshing feel. The aroma of chocolate will release oxytocin known as the love hormone and will give you immense calmness. The layer of chocolate will loosen your muscles which are aching due to your daily lifestyle. It will ooze out all the toxins stuck underneath your skin and drain them out from your body.

Masks help you in tightening the skin, hydrating dry skin, nourishment, draw out impurities, blemish skin heals, calm and soothe —based on the ingredients used. The mask will be applied to your skin for 15-20 minutes to show its effect. In the time frame, your esthetician will make sure that you are relaxed and talk to you and resolve your issues. A pair of cucumbers on the eyes will relax the strained eyes and let you relax.

Chocolate Couple Spa Valentine Package- White N Bright Spa & Salon

Benefits of Valentine Chocolate Delight Coupe Spa Package

Now let me summarize the benefits of this package. It will help you to –

  • Reducing stress – Stress is a big issue these days. An unhealthy and fast lifestyle has led to uncertainty and huge psychological pressure and physical pain. Massage and masking help in reducing it.
  • Increasing relaxation – It is a well-known fact that we perform best when we are relaxed. Massage will help you in achieving that. Added to those who don’t feel relaxed after having a bite of chocolate.
  • Stimulating conscience – Our sub-conscience plays a vital role in success. Masking and scrubbing let you reach a point of utter stillness. Chocolate also stimulates the release of hormones to reach a sub-conscience state.
  • Cooling effect – High water content in cucumber will relax your eyes. Our other ingredients with Cooling properties let you achieve this.
  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension – Our limbs have various muscles and joints which with time, can get sore and require support from experts. Out trained therapists with their best-in-class services, will help you in achieving that
  • Improves energy and alertness – Continuous sitting and improper fitness routine hamper the alertness of the mind. Body scrubbing stimulates blood flow in the body resulting in a high level of alertness and power.
  • Lowering heart rate and blood flow improvement – The heart plays the role of pumping blood throughout the body. Anxiety and hypertension can have adverse effects on the circulatory system and can cause blood pressure. Scrubbing will stimulate blood flow in the body.
  • Improving immune function – Immunity is the ability of our body to fight diseases. It is proven that these activities will boost the immune system to its best state.

Valentine Chocolate Delight - White N Bright Spa & Salon

About White N Bright Spa and Salon

Located in Thane (West), Mumbai we are a group of enthusiastic teams in the spa and salon industry. Our massage therapists are experienced, enthusiastic, humble and will help you in releasing tensions of your life. They will listen to you and give you full attention during the course. We are the best unisex spa and salon in Thane with a wide variety of services to offer.

In recent times safety and hygiene are essential. All our staff members are trained to follow COVID safety guidelines issued by the state government and WHO. Our, of the art premises and ambiance, will keep you awestruck. We make sure that your experience with the Best Spa and Salon in Thane. Looking forward to serving you and your partner in the celebration of love, Valentine’s day.

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