Mandarin Mango

Mandarin and mango body scrub
  1. Introducing the Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub

Got dry or lackluster skin? Check out the Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub at White N Bright Spa in Thane. It’s a special mix that combines the bright, tangy kick of mandarin with the sweet touch of mango—both awesome for feeding and fixing up your skin.

  1. Why You’ll Love This Scrub

This scrub’s a real game-changer if you want your skin to glow. Here’s why it rocks:


Deep Cleansing: It gets rid of all that old skin and opens up your pores.

Hydration: The mango in there has oils that make your skin feel soft and new.

Brightening: Mandarin goes to work on any dark spots or blemishes.

Aroma Therapy: The fab scents of both fruits will pep you up and make you smile.

  1. Why Pick White N Bright Spa?

At White N Bright Spa, we’re all about making your spa time special. Here are a couple reasons to drop by:


Top-Notch Team: Our folks know their stuff and will tailor everything to you.

Best Ingredients: We pick only top-shelf, natural stuff for our scrubs.

Peaceful Place: Our spot is so chill, it’ll help you forget all your stresses.

  1. Your Scrub Session Rundown

Wondering what happens when you get a Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub with us? Here’s what goes down:


Hi There!: We’ll welcome you and get you cozy.

Skin Chat: We’ll take a minute to figure out what your skin needs.

Scrubbing Time: We apply the scrub just right to wake up your skin and get it glowing.

Rinse Off: After, there’s a warm shower to wash off the scrub.

Moisturize: Finally, we lock in moisture with a deep-conditioning cream.

  1. Keeping That Glow Going at Home

Want to keep looking fresh? Try these tips after your scrub:


Drink Up: Water’s great for keeping your skin looking good from the inside out.

Cream Daily: A gentle moisturizer will keep your skin smooth.

Block the Rays: Don’t forget sunscreen when you step out!

  1. Book Your Bliss

Feel like trying out our Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub? Set up an appointment today, or give us a ring at White N Bright Spa for more info.

  1. Wrap-Up & A Sweet Deal

Dive into the luxury of our Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub and step out with super soft, shiny skin. For a short period, snag this treatment and score a free mini-facial too! Revamp your skincare at White N Bright Spa—where we focus on making sure you look & feel amazing.


Pop by soon & turn an ordinary day into pure bliss!

Mandarin and Mango Body Scrub for all your beauty needs!

The mandarin and mango body scrub helps to renew the skin cells improving the texture and appearance of the skin. After the scrub treatment, one can actually feel the difference by having younger-looking radiant and glowing skin.
Benefits –

  • Soothing effect on the skin
  • Revitalizes dead skin cells
  • Moisturizes the dry, rough skin
  • Promotes healthy-looking brighter skin
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines

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    Relax Zones
    Aroma Therapy