Beauty & Salon

All our services are guided by beauty and wellness using scientific expertise to have a lasting experience that will revive all your senses. Every individual is different and so does their skin type, we customize each of our therapies to suit the needs of an individual to pamper you with the best, soothing and sophisticated experience.

Spa is said to have a detoxifying effect on the body since most therapies foster detoxification in their therapies. It removes harmful toxins from the body and helps rejuvenate the body.
Weight loss management is a long term health objective. Spa helps to replenish and nurture body parts thus helping improve blood circulation and regular digestive systems.
Getting a good warming massage is a great reliever of pain and stress. The steam shower or jacuzzi further adds for relieving the stress levels.
Loving your own self is the best therapy to feeling good. Pampering oneself with Spa therapy helps to develop a good body and self-image and boost the self-confidence
Some therapies are targeted to give the best bodily relaxation. It is said to reduce blood pressure by pressing some points and enhancing blood circulation.