Body Spa

Why you need a Spa Therapy?

Spa Therapy is said to have a magical effect on the life of the people who regularly go for it. The effects of Spa are seen in the entire body with a relaxed mind, body and soul. The Spa brings the best beautification in an individual since it has several bodily benefits. Any individual above the age of 18 years is eligible for the Spa treatment unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

Spa is said to have a detoxifying effect on the body since most therapies foster detoxification in their therapies. It removes harmful toxins from the body and helps rejuvenate the body.
Weight loss management is a long term health objective. Spa helps to replenish and nurture body parts thus helping improve blood circulation and regular digestive systems.
Getting a good warming massage is a great reliever of pain and stress. The steam shower or jacuzzi further adds for relieving the stress levels.
Loving your own self is the best therapy to feeling good. Pampering oneself with Spa therapy helps to develop a good body and self-image and boost the self-confidence
Some therapies are targeted to give the best bodily relaxation. It is said to reduce blood pressure by pressing some points and enhancing blood circulation.


What are the Benefits of Spa Treatment?

A Spa Treatment has tremendous benefits on Body, Mind and Soul. Spa treatments can be divided in to Body Spa, Beauty Spa, Nail Spa and Hair Spa. Body Spa’s consists of various body massages, Body Scrub’s, Body Masks and Skin Polishing. Face clean up’s, Facials, Bleaches, De tanning, Waxing, Threading etc are comes under Beauty Spa. A Nail Spa is meant to take care of your hand and feet by regularly availing various Mani/Pedicure treatments for Tips and Toes to protect the nails and skin around it. Hair is an unavoidable part of our body thus one should opt for a various Hair Spa’s for a healthy and Shiny hair, also Hair Spa’s helps to cure and control Dandruff, Hair Fall, Premature greying of hair, Dry and dull hair, Split ends etc. The major benefits of Spa Treatments are

  • It relaxes, Rejuvenate, De-Tox and Renew our body
  • It helps to increase immunity and control blood pressure
  • It helps to improve blood circulation and keep the body healthy
  • It Calms the Body, Mind and Soul as a result better concentration and focus
  • It helps to revitalize the skin and get rid of unwanted skin irritations
  • It promotes deep sleep
  • It removes Muscle and Joint aches & Pains
  • It increases the flexibility of the body
  • It reduces the stiffness ad stress in the muscles
  • It promotes over all physical and Mental well-being of a person
What are the best spa therapies?
A Spa Therapy itself is a best thing to do in this busy world. By having a Spa Therapy, you are helping your Body, Mind and Soul to relax and get ready for the next task. A Best Spa therapy can vary person to person, as the Spa therapies supposed to choose according to the concerns of a person. For example, A person who is physically active and has aches and pains in the body Deep tissue massage is the best Therapy to choose. If a Person is looking for deep relaxing and rejuvenating experience, he/she may opt for a Swedish Massage Therapy. A person who is looking forward for a dry therapy without any oils or cream and have a deep relaxing stretch massage, they may select Thai Massage Therapy. If someone is looking forward for a soothing blissful oil massage therapy with wonderful fragrance of essential oils like Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea tree etc, then they have French Aroma Massage therapy to choose from. A Balinese Massage Therapy is a combination of Dry and Oil Massage Therapy to relax the tensed muscles and bring flexibility to stiffened areas of body due to physical activities.
How should I schedule an appointment?

One can easily schedule their appointment for various Body Spa, Beauty Spa, Hair Spa and Nail Spa by visiting our website or call us on 8828028088 / 02221747474 or email us at

What is the minimum age to use the spa facilities and treatments?
Our young guests who are between 15 to 18 years of age are permitted to experience selected spa therapies only when a guardian of the same gender accompanies them and agrees to be present in the Spa therapy room throughout the duration of the therapy.
What does a spa do to your body?
A Spa Therapy can bring a lot of positive changes in your body. A one-hour Spa treatment performed by trained an experienced technician gives you equal benefits of an 8 hours deep sleep to your body. A Body spa can bring harmony into your various body systems by positively influencing your Body, Mind and Soul. In Short A Body Spa positively effect one’s over all Well-Being.
What is the difference between spa and massage?
A SPA is a short form of “SANUS PER AQUAM” which means “Cure through or by Water”. In ancient days people from Belgium used visit hot springs to cure their body uneasiness and they used to call these “Aquam”.

Massages are a Sub category of SPA, Massages are also called as Body Spa. Today’s world we have different types of body Spa Massages available and one can choose a Massage Therapy according to their concerns and body requirement. Some of the well-known body Spa Massages are Swedish massage, Aroma Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese Massage, Hot/cold Stone Massage, Lomilomi massage, Thai Massage, Bamboo Massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, and Ayurvedic massage or Abhyangam etc.