Balinese Massage helps to give the complete mind and body relaxation and helps to regain harmony within the body. It is a traditional Indonesian technique of massage that was invented in Bali. A lot of Bali culture is influenced by Indian culture and so does the massaging technique. Balinese massage is a mix of Indian, Chinese and Thai techniques.

It is the full body treatment massage that harmonizes different body parts from the scalp of the foot. The treatment is given by professional massage therapists who are trained and skilled in doing the massages. They use specially scented oil depending on treatment and the type of skin. This treatment is unique in which body temperature is taken into account, hence the massaged and unmassaged body parts are covered in a cloth to avoid temperature leaps.

Balinese massage helps soothe the body pain and its calming effect neutralizes the body tension. For this type of massage, special oils used are sesame, jojoba oils, coconut oils, thaitian monoi oils but generally specific oils such as Ylang-ylang and rose oils are used. These oils are said to boost the mood, detoxify the skin and calms the mind and the body.

Why Balinese Massage?

Balinese massage uses Ylang-Ylang oil that gives a relaxing feel to body organs.

  • Helps to relieve the pain due to Migraine
  • Releases the body and muscle strain
  • Gives sound sleep to people with sleep disorders.
  • Boosts the Immunity levels
  • Improves the blood circulation

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