Advanced Facials

Advanced Facial Spa in Thane

Advanced facials are a best way to keep your facial skin glowing. At White N Bright we have carefully chosen a facial product that is internationally recognized and highly result oriented. We are the leading facial spa in thane in terms of the results and the protocol following. These face treatments are also suitable for men’s facial in thane. The facials are performed by well trained and experienced skin care professionals after a thorough skin consultation. Men’s Facial in thane west starts with a skin analysis to find out the skin type, skin conditions and skin needs so that the technician can suggest a best suitable facial for you.

  • Collagen Smooth TreatmentDuration: 75mins
  • Silicium Super Lift TreatmentDuration: 90mins
  • Brightening FacialDuration: 90mins
  • Prodige Des Oceans Face RitualDuration: 90mins
  • Prodige Des Oceans Face & Body RitualDuration: 150mins

    Natural Mask
    Skin Refinements
    Relax Zones
    Aroma Therapy