Classical Swedish Spa in Thane
Swedish massage is a very good form of massage which relaxes and unwinds. This Classical Swedish Spa in Thane is also known as the mother of all massages because all the other massages are having their basic strokes based on Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is an oil massage, one can avail steam and or have a shower after the massage but some prefer not to take a bath because they want the oil stays in the body so the skin can absorb all the goodness of the oil. In some places, the therapists warm the oil prior to the application but some believe that heating the oil may lead to losing the properties of it. But In ayurvedic oil massage called Abhyangam, they always heat the oil prior to the application in Classical Swedish Massage Spa in Thane.

Basically, Swedish massage can be done any oil but largely the wellness industry customizes the massage oil according to client needs. There carrier oil and essential oils. The carrier oil can be olive oil, grapefruit seed oil, sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil etc and the essential oils are lavender oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil and or a blend of various carrier oil and essential oils.

Swedish massage is a nice soothing massage that can uplift and enhance your mood when done with expert hands. Classical Swedish Massage Spa in Thane also provides a room for therapists to customize the techniques according to the need of the hour. Swedish is very gentle on your skin and body so that one can literally slip into tranquility.

Any one everyone can have Swedish massage as it is a well-known massage in the western countries. This massage is done to the opposite way towards the blood circulation with long strokes. The basic Swedish strokes are effleurage, petrissage, Tapotment, Friction and Vibration. Based on these 5 strokes the classical Swedish massage completes.

Most of the female guests opt for the classical Swedish massage as it is very light pressure massage which suits your mood and elevates your senses. Men are less preferred Swedish massage as most of them expect a firm pressure throughout the therapy.

Classical Swedish Massage Spa in Thane not only increases the blood circulation but also eliminates the impurities from the bloodstream. It helps to reach the blood each and every cell and internally activate the organs. Swedish massage can take you into a complete tranquil world where you can leave behind all your stress, tension and worries.

Be sure you reach the destination at least 15 minutes earlier for your Swedish massage so that your body can be settled down to the new place and you have enough time to complete the health questionnaire and other formalities. Please communicate with the front desk team and to the therapist with regards your any particular area of concern so that they can concentrate and give a bit of extra care. Therapists and front desk attendants are trained to make you comfortable throughout the Spa journey but in case wherever needed you are always welcome for your comments and suggestions. Also, we can customize your experience like room temperature, Music volume, choice of massage oil, choice of Tea post-therapy etc.

Do not eat anything heavy prior to your massage this may lead to indigestion and gastric problems. Drink plenty of water after the massage so that the toxins can be completely flushed out of your body by Classical Swedish Spa in Thane.


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