White Radiance
White Radiance body polish is one of the top solutions for the skin that is damaged due to sun-tanning and pigmentation. The whitening body polish service available at our spa in Thane offers the best results by making use of imported natural products.

Hundreds of our clients have benefited from using white radiance body scrub treatment. The white radiance body scrub is the perfect concoction made out of pearl moon complex solution added with rice water, kojic acid, volcanic silt, ginseng, milk and pearl powders. These natural ingredients act as the best nourishing agents for the skin helping it rejuvenate and feel like a young baby skin.

Benefits of White Radiance body scrub –

  • Helps exfoliate the skin and giving it a natural shine
  • Helps to brighten the skin with the use of essential oils for hydration and moisture
  • Helps to give a brighter and healthier skin tone

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