Calming body polish scrub is one of the best treatments if your skin is irritated with allergens in the air. It is touted as the best solutions for the skin that is more prone to allergies. The body scrub uses natural herbal extracts for skin calming, it also helps to reduce stress and helps to release the tension.

The natural ingredients used in this scrub are soothing to the skin giving it a natural tone and helps to reduce the tension and the stress accumulated over a period of time. The body scrub is best for calming the skin from exposure to sun and dirt particles. It gives amazing feel after travel or usual routine travels. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin giving best feel.

The main ingredient used for this scrub is the wild rose essential oil, that acts as a powerful agent to bring calmness to your entire body.

Benefits of Calming body scrub –

  • Stimulates the skin and circulatory systems
  • Removes the dead skin cells
  • Helps to uplift and calm the mind
  • Helps to release the stress and tension.

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