Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage in Thane

Swedish massage is known to be one of the best massages to date. It’s one of the most ancient techniques of massaging, the newly developed techniques of massages have emerged from Swedish massage itself.

We have a well-trained and experienced skilled therapists at White and Bright Spa Thane. Each of the techniques we use is carefully designed and planned to give the best relaxation to the body and mind.

Swedish massage offers therapeutic benefits and helps in muscle relaxation, it especially helps in an increased flow of blood. This massage is one of the best solutions for managing the body pain especially with the conditions like Osteoarthritis. The stroking motion of this type of massage releases muscle tension.

Swedish massages have higher reliability since they are useful for not only toning the body but many other health benefits. It helps to increase the flexibility of the muscle giving a relaxed body. With this massage, one can lower the stress levels and due to decreased stress, it eliminates headaches and gives a better sleep to an individual. The reduced stress levels help to lower cortisol levels, this , in‌ ‌turn, helps to make your immune system even stronger and there are fewer chances for you to get sick.

Swedish massage is one of the best massages having tremendous benefits on the overall health and well-being of an individual.

Why Swedish Massage?

  • Boost the energy levels
  • Ease off fatigue
  • Rejuvenate body cells
  • Body and mind healing
  • Relieve muscle soreness
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Improved Immune system
  • FAQ

    What does a Swedish full body massage include?

    A Swedish full body Massage is also known as Mother of all body massages because most of the techniques are derived from Swedish Massage. Swedish Massage is an oil massage which is aimed to have a soothing blissful experience to the Mind, Body and Soul. The basic techniques of a Swedish Massage are

    • Effleurage
    • Petrissage
    • Tapotement
    • Friction
    • Vibration
    What is the difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue?
    Swedish Massage is a Pampering, Soothing blissful massage with Low to medium pressure long strokes are involved to relax the body and Deep tissue massage is sort of sports massage where deep muscle layers are targeted to increase the blood flow and drain the lactic acid from the muscles. Any one and every one can avail a Swedish massage to promote relaxation and tranquillity where deep tissue massage is suitable for people who are physically active and wants their larger muscle groups to be thoroughly massaged. In Swedish Massage the therapists use their fingers and palms to perform the therapy where in deep tissue they use their knuckles, forearms and elbows to deeply sink into the deeper layer of the muscles.
    What are the benefits of Swedish massage?

    Swedish Massage is a well-known massage for Pamper yourself and elevate your mood. A Swedish massage availed from a well trained and experienced professional can have the following benefits.

    • Balances the mood swings
    • Increase blood circulation
    • Increase immunity
    • Harmonise various body processes
    • Controls anxiety and stress
    • Reduces Lower back and other joint pains
    • Promotes better sleep
    • Drains the unwanted toxins from the body
    • Promotes physical and mental well-being
    • Calms the Body, Mind and Soul
    Does Swedish massage hurt?
    Never, actually none of the massages should hurt…! People opt for a massage to relax, Rejuvenate and Unwind themselves. Nobody would like to avail a massage which is painful. It is all about the techniques the pressure applied on the various part of the body. For example, one cannot apply the same pressure on stomach which they have applied on the lower back. Different personalities have different level of pressure threshold and the technicians should always communicate with the person with regards what pressure level they are comfortable with and maintain the same throughout the therapy section.
    Does Swedish massage get rid of knots?
    Basically, Swedish massage is meant to have soothing blissful experience and not to remove the knots. Someone with knots on their body can opt for either a Balinese massage or a Deep tissue massage where their concern can be taken care of. Knots are formed when lactic acid crystallisation happens. Lactis acid is a by-product whenever a muscle works. This lactic acid drained automatically into the blood stream and thrown out by our body itself. But sometimes this process is delayed or not done successfully when we perform an anaerobic activity. The lactic acid stays in the muscles and later it gets crystalized which is known as knots and which can be cleared/ removed by regular massage therapies.
    How do you do a Swedish massage?
    A Swedish Massage is a simple oil massage suitable for any one an everyone who are looking for a quick break from day to day busy schedule and have some own time. Swedish massage is performed with Slow to medium pressure and long strokes towards the heart. It increases the blood circulation and drain the toxins from the body. Since Swedish is an oil massage one can choose various types oils like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed oil, rice bran oil etc.


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