Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is a kind of massage technique used for treating muscle strains. It is especially popular with people in the sports arena. The massage helps people with sports injuries due to the pressure applied. The massage is done by giving slow and deeper strokes with the help of essential oils.

The main idea behind giving deeper strokes with massage therapy is to realign the deeper layers of the muscles. Our spa at Thane has qualified therapists who are trained and perfectly skilled to help relieves muscular pain. Deep tissue massage provides good flexibility to the muscle joints and helps relieve the strain.

According to the research, more people opt for deep tissue massage because it is a very relieving physical strain therapy. It is a great prescription by doctors for varied sports injuries and the people having limited mobility physically. The massage therapists may use hands, elbows, hands, knuckles or forearms for giving deep tissue massage.

How Deep Tissue Massage is beneficial?

Deep tissue massage is extremely useful to relieve any type of chronic muscle pain. It treats the muscle parts of the body having a specific problem. It is useful for treating problems such as –

  • Prolonged Lower body pain
  • Muscle chronic pain
  • Sport injury relating to falls or whiplash
  • Individuals having mobility issues and muscle tensions
  • People with Osteoarthritis problems
  • Tennis elbow
  • Pain due to workouts

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