Face peel Off Wax

Face Wax in Thane

Hair removal in thane was never easy till now. White N Bright Spa & Salon introduces a new wax that is comparatively 50% painless and many more advanced than the normal wax. This international brand has a Specific wax for the face wax in thane west and it is very smooth and suitable for all skin types. Face wax in thane west is painless, No heat, no burns and no skin pull.

  • Eye Brows
  • Forehead/Neck/Side locks
  • Chin/upper lip/lower lip
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Full Face
  • FAQ

    How often should you wax your face?
    Face waxing can be performed as much as one’s requirement. The facial hair growth varies person to person. The waxing can be done every day if required but one should be careful to choose which wax brand they should be using as cheap wax brands and unprofessional technicians can permanently damage your facial skin.
    What does Face Wax Includes?
    A Full-Face wax is meant to remove the unwanted hair from the face. It can be various part of your face like eyebrows waxing, Forehead waxing, Upper lip waxing, Lower lip waxing, Chin waxing, Side lock waxing, Cheeks waxing, Ear, Nose and Neck waxing. The ideal wax for Face waxing is peel off wax of a well-known and established wax brand.
    How can I remove chin hair permanently?
    To remove Chin hair permanently one can opt for laser hair removal or electrolysis. Waxing and other hair removal methods remove the hair temporarily even though regular waxing shall slow down the hair growth.
    Is it better to wax or pluck chin hair?
    It always advised to choose waxing method than any other hair removal method because a good wax brand and a trained technician shall make sure waxing is a smooth process without hassles. Now a days there are better waxing options available such as peel off wax and cartridge wax which are comparatively painless and really smooth on your facial skin.
    Is face waxing safe?
    Face waxing is 100% safe only when you are getting waxed from a trained and experienced professional and using a well-known and widely established wax brand. Painful waxing is a past thing a now a day’s various waxes are available in the market which are really painless and takes care of your skin as well. Peel off wax is the best option for face waxing as it is very smooth in texture and prevent the skin from burns and marks. This particular wax is known for
    · No heat and no burn
    · No skin Pull
    · Comparatively painless
    · Smooth texture and effectively remove hair from the root
    · Controls the ingrowth and reduces the hair growth
    Does face waxing loosen skin?
    Waxing never loosens the skin as the skin tightening is provided by Elastin and Collagen fibres and the wax has nothing to do with both of these. But every wax brand has their own protocol to be followed that how a particular body part to be waxed and these protocols must be followed by the technicians without fail. Normally there is pre waxing, Waxing and post waxing protocols for most of the wax brands and these protocols should be strictly followed otherwise there are strong chances that one can permanently damage the skin where the waxing is performed.


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