Pedicure for Men/Women in Thane

White N Bright Spa & Salon proudly offer variety of Pedicure in Thane. We have customized our pedicures to suit your comfort and your busy schedule. You have four pedicure options to choose from those are cut and file, cut file and polish, basic pedicure and luxurious pedicure. Cut file is a real quick one, but if you can squeeze 30 more minutes then we suggest you go for a basic pedicure. The luxurious pedicure in thane west has four categories in it; those are relaxing, purifying, calming and whitening to choose from. So, do you need a feet beatification? Call now and book your Pedicure for Men/Women in thane at White N Bright Spa & salon.

  • Cut & FileDuration: 15mins
  • Cut, File & PolishDuration: 20mins
  • Basic PedicureDuration: 45mins
  • Luxurious Spa Pedicure
    /Calming/Purifying)Duration: 60mins
  • What is the Difference Between Spa Pedicures and Regular Pedicures?
    A Basic pedicure is aimed to keep your toes healthy and perfect in shape. A Basic pedicure includes cutting and filing of the nails, removing the excess cuticles and scarping the dead skin cells in and around the area. But a Spa pedicure is more than a basic pedicure and it is meant to not only keep your toes perfectly all right but also provide relaxation to hands and feet as well. A Spa Pedicure includes all the procedures of a basic pedicure plus a skin treatment and a mini massage to your hand and feet.
    Can I modify the package or time after the service has been booked?
    Basically, most of the Spa & Salon’s works with prior appointments so that once you reserve a slot, then there is no need to wait to avail your desired services and everything goes smoothly according to your time plan. Modification of the rebooked appointments are sometimes difficult when there are back to back appointments. The modifications of the booked package and the alteration of the time duration booked is completely depend upon the availability of the technicians and the resources.
    What is a spa pedicure?
    A Spa Pedicure is a process to keep your toes Neat & Clean, Perfectly Shaped and Healthy. It includes cutting the excess nails, removing the cuticles, scarping the dead skin cells and painting the nails with your desired colors.
    What is included in Spa Pedicure?
    A Spa pedicure is a developed version of a basic Pedicure which comes with an extra skin care and a deep relaxing massage to your feet. Spa Pedicures are not only helping to maintain a nice-looking foot but also relaxes and soothes the entire feet.
    How often should I do pedicure?
    One cannot fix a time duration between pedicures because each individual has a different pattern of nail growth and accumulation of the dead skin cells. Some need to visit the Spa as little as 10 days after a pedicure got done and some are lucky enough that their feet look awesome after 20 days of a good pedicure.


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