Are you very tired of the long work hours, work stress, changing your skin colour, pollution and the regular back pain? Then you should need to take Spa therapy. Spa therapy is very soothing for both men and women. It provides relaxation and comfort. It reduces stress and makes us happy. A spa therapy opens up our pores, detoxifies our skin and provides us with the relaxation of our mind, soul and body.

Best Spa Therapies in Thane for Over all Well being

We at, White N Bright Spa and Salon, offers the best spa service in Thane. You can again hours fast service, we will make sure of providing you with satisfaction and relaxation. In Thane, we provide spa therapies for both men and women. You can get the best family spa service in Thane. It is the one-stop solution for all of your family.



Our members work very hard to provide you with the best service, and to make you feel relaxed. they will suggest to you the best Spa therapy you should take depending upon the problem you are facing. If you are undergoing any stress issues you should go up with some relaxing facials and then followed with a body massage with aromatic oils.

You will never find anything more relaxing and soothing, than a spa treatment. At White N Bright Spa and Salon, we offer a splendid and unforgettable Spa experience for you all. Spa Treatment in White N Bright Spa and Salon provides a wide range of benefits.

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Types of treatment offered in White N Bright Spa and Salon

At White N Bright Spa and Salon, we offer to relax and soothing spa treatments which will help you in fighting old age, acne, aches and pains eventually will give you radiant and glowing skin. We offer all the different types of the spa which will provide you with peace of mind.

  • Swedish massage is one of the popular massages which all our guests are fond of. This massage provides stress relief benefits to our customers. It is a short 60-minute massage that will help you to relieve all your muscles pain and provide you with relaxation.
  • Hot stone massage offers the same benefits as a Swedish massage. But also, it is massaged carefully by placing warm stones on the body. The heat of the stones helps the customer in strengthening the muscles and reduce stiffness.
  • Pampering Facials are very relaxing. It offers both massage to the body and even skin treatment. A White N Bright Spa and Salon, we use only those products which will provide you with ease and relaxation. Our therapists perform their work in such a way that it will make you feel relaxed and fresh.
  • Scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment will provide you with bliss. A perfect scalp massage will help you in the proper circulation of your blood to the hair follicles, which will eventually provide you with better hair growth. It will make your hair deep conditioned, making it freeze-free and moisturized.
  • Tired of working all day, and your feet needs relaxation? Don’t worry. We provide you with better relaxation. Foot massage will help you to fight the soreness of your feet and toes. It will provide you with better relaxation.

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We provide the best couple massage in White N Bright Spa and salon, located in Thane. Here, you can enjoy the body massage and relax together. We have a specially designed suite room, for the couples along with a steam and a shower.

You can avail of many other services. We are a house of all the services for your skin, body and hair Treatment. We provide spa therapies, body facials, face facials, women and men spa, body scrubbing, body spa, full-body spa, skin pigmentation Treatment, pedicure, manicures, hair services, waxing, skin brightening treatments, haircuts and many other services.

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Benefits of spa treatment in White N Bright Spa and Salon:

  1. Makes you stay stress-free:

Spa treatment will calm your mind body and soul and will give you a clear productivity mind. It will keep you separate from all the hustle and bustle of your life and you can have a “me” time there.

  1. Provides better sleep:

Spa treatment completely helps in relaxing your muscles, maintaining a healthy heart rate it and lowering down the blood pressure, which will eventually provide you with better sleep.

  1. Relaxation from aches and pains:

It is very common to have ache and pain due to several circumstances, like workouts exercises, tiredness, long working hours and some others. But after the Spa treatment, you could completely get rid of all the pain. You can have a full body massage or massage on the particular area from which you are suffering. It will completely wipe off your aches and pain.

  1. Helps with anti-ageing:

Facials will keep your skin in keeping it hydrated and will help you in delaying the onset of your wrinkles. the relaxation will eventually provide you with a stress-free and clear mind which will keep you active and fight your ageing factors.

  1. Improve blood flow and circulation:

When you undergo a spa treatment, your body gets relaxed. Spa treatment helps in strengthening the muscles and regulating your blood pressure. It will eventually provide a better blood flow. It will help you in fighting with queries illness of your body.

  1. Increase Happiness and Promote Radiant skin:

There is a hormone related to happiness, known as serotonin. It gets released when you undergo a spa treatment. It provides you with a happy mood. After the face facial you could find your hydrated or dry skin gets changed to bright and glowing skin. It does not only have a post spa effect but, it longs for a long period.

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Why choose us for your Spa treatment?

We at White and Bright Spa and Salon, understand the customer’s requirement and expectations and do understand what our customers desire to have. Our team of experts will properly examine your requirement and then will provide you with the best treatment. You should choose us for spa therapies.

  • We have a friendly and professional team of people, who strives hard to provide you with the best service. Our team members will make you feel very comfortable and will serve you with the best.
  • We have a team of fully trained, and experienced people who aim to make you feel relaxed and will give you the best service of all.
  • White N Bright Spa and Salon has the best infrastructure of all other available. The soothing and comfortable infrastructure with ancient styling will add more comfort to your experience.

So, don’t wait for more. Visit us fast and avail of relaxing services. We are a house, providing all the skin, body and hair services that our customer needs and desires. We work on the well-being of our customers and aim in providing them with the best service in terms of quality, money and satisfaction. You should come here, with your family as we provide family spa services to our people. For more details and pricing, you can visit our official website and avail the services that you need.

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