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Today We are going to talk about the largest organ of our body, yes we are very much talking about the SKIN.
Do you know our skin regenerates itself in 27 days approximately?
Now we are here in the month of November and the winter is approaching. We all have experienced the winter in the past as well and we all know our skin needs more care throughout the winter months.
Let’s discuss about how to perform  winter skin care
Lets see what are the common issues we face through the winter season.
Body Polishing in Thane - White N Bright Spa & Salon
  • Dry and irritated Skin
  • Tight skin
  • Skin getting flaky and sensitized
  • Skin losing its natural moist and softness
  • Itching and redness
  • Losing its shine and elasticity
  • In some case skin cuts and wounds
Remember, Winter is harsh and your skin needs help right now!
So why do the skin issues escalate in the cold season?
The simple answer is because the skin loses its natural moistness and that is the root cause for all the skin related issues during winter.
When the weather is cold and dry, the humidity levels are dropped and skin evaporates more quickly. This is the reason why we face more skin related troubles in the winter season.
Body Scrub and Mask in Thane - White N Bright Spa & Salon
Cool, So what is the remedy for this?
Well, We can’t help to control the temperature outside and the humidity. But what we can definitely do is to give extra care to our skin to function it well during the cold days.
One of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and soft, you need to get rid of the dead skin cells and make way for new cells. This can be achieved by body scrub or body polish.
Once the dead skin cells are cleared you have a fresh new skin layer and to further nourish the skin you may avail a full body mask.
We at White Bright Spa & Salon offer various types of skin treatment such as Skin Refinements, Body Envelopment’s, Full Body Scrub and Full Body Masks.
We have various organically grown natural products for different skin types and skin conditions. Remember every has a different skin type and different skin conditions. We have our skin estheticians to analyze your skin and they can assist you to choose the best skin treatment for your skin.
Body Scrub  and Mask in Thane - White N Bright Spa & Salon
We have  the following products for winter skin care at White N Bright Spa & Salon.
So what are you waiting for, Call now and reserve your slot for a winter skin care and Make your skin soft, glowing, plump and smooth.
We, at White N Bright call it winter skin care.
Have you got more questions about winter skin care, then please visit here and write to us with your queries, we shall try our level best to reply to you at the earliest possible.