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Body Exfoliation Scrub and Mask

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Body Polish and Scrub is a spa treatment provided at WNBSPA that exfoliates the skin of the body and provides smooth, soft and fresh skin.  An abrasive product/ scrubs are rubbed gently, and massaged across the skin, and washed away unleashing a fresh, clean, and smooth layer of skin. It also helps to reduce the melanin content of the skin, helping to improve the colour and texture of the skin. Sugar, salt and walnut shell powder are popular exfoliating components in natural body scrubs as they are abrasive enough to scrub skin but gentle enough to not damage it.

Best Body Scrub in Thane- White N Bright Spa in Thane

Body Exfoliation and Mask

Benefits of Body Scrub:

There are lots of benefits of a body polish or scrub from WNBSPA. It will exfoliates your skin and will remove the dead skin cells  by rubbing away flasky skin, making it soft and smooth. Polishing products like Loofah have an oily base which soothes and moisturizes the skin when scrubbed gently.  Scrub improves the circulation of blood and lymph of the skin. It helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation and improve the skin tone. Scrub helps skin to fight with cellulite giving glowing skin.


  • Younger Looking Skin : Scrub exfoliates the dull dead skin cells, it removes dullness and helps to improve the blood circulation. Body scrub at WNBSPA will help making skin look more youthful and vibrant.
  • Moisturizes the Skin: The exfoliating action of the scrub helps to open pores of skin, which allows easy absorption of moisturizer into it.
  • Skin Rejuvenation : It reduce the impurities present on skin, and give skin rebirth, making it feeling soft and revitalized.
  • Stress Relief: Scrubbing has a relaxing feeling which helps relieve stress.
  • Prevents Ingrown Hair: Exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hair and makes unwanted hair removal easier.
  • Stimulate Collagen Production: By scrubbing the skin and encouraging dead skin cells to shed, new skin cells are inadvertently brought to the surface.

Types of Scrub

According to your skin type, we WNBSPA experts helps you to choose  perfect Scrub type as per your skin type. Sugar, salt and walnut shell powder are popular exfoliating components in natural body scrubs.

  • Salt and Oil Scrub: In WNBSPA, we mix finely granulated salt with moistening oil.
  • Sugar Scrub: It is made by mixture of sugar with oils, and applied softly.
  • Edible Fruits: We mix fruit oils-lemon, lime, oatmeal, peel oil with crushed seeds to nourish and sooth the skin.
  • Herbal: WNBSPA experts mix a herbal oil with the exfoliating scrub, such as aloe vera,  lavender, or rosemary, depending on your skin type, and will unleash your real beautiful skin.
  • Loofah: They are popular shower accessories used for cleaning and exfoliating your skin. Loofah is used to slough off dead skin cells, and use body scrub together.
Body Polishing in Thane - Whie N Bright Spa in Thane

Body Polishing/Body Scrub and Mask

How taking a Body Scrub Looks like at WNBSPA?

During a scrub at WNBSPA, you will be led into a treatment room, asked to change and lie down on an individual treatment slab. Your body will be massaged with a lightly abrasive product.

You’ll be asked to change out of your clothes and into something comfortable like disposable underwear. WNBSPA expert will begin applying the exfoliating product to your body. They’ll start exfoliating your body section by section.  After exfoliation, you’ll be covered with a mineral-rich body mask made of volcanic clay. WNBSPA expert will gently wash away the exfoliating product and all the dead skin cells you can’t see. After all the product has been sufficiently rinsed off, your body will be dried and moisturized with lotion or oil.

Body polishing for Smooth and Healthy Skin- White N Bright Spa in Thane

Body Scrub For Dry, Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin

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Best Body Polishing in Thane - White N Bright Spa in Thane

Body polishing for smooth, supple and soft skin