Who doesn’t dream of having that silky, gorgeous, salon-finished hair? But oh well, when dealing with split ends, dull and unmanageable, frizzy-frizzy hair, it sucks so bad we feel like dying! Just like Maroon 5’s “drinks bring back all the memories,” the recently launched hair-care products and processes bring back the much-needed strength to our broken hair strands and moisture content to our dry hair roots. And not just that, but these products seem to nourish your hair with the essential nutrients that are required to rehabilitate the deterioration, soften strands, boost the glow, and enhance the hair colour.


But before we get to the superhero of the movie, i.e., the best hair treatments in Thane, let’s get to the core of the crisis first: what results in dryness and destruction, and what can you possibly do to prevent it? Now, let’s talk about what causes frizziness and damage to your hair and what can you perhaps do to stave it off?


As it appears to be, numerous elements confer to the hair becoming all dry and exacerbated. And the literal cause has to be processing your hair way too much with chemicals. Guess the whole old-school baking soda trick was cool, XD. This generally happens to cool guys and hot chicks out there who highlight or chemically perm their hair.


So as we style and accentuate our way to what we wish when we want it, are we indeed doing more harm than good to our hair? Heat usually causes a lot of damage, and the chemicals in the hair products you use are eventually doing no good to you. So, here’s a life hack: don’t do more than two treatments to your hair on the same visit!

Best Hair Treatments in Thane - White N Bright Spa & Salon

Why does the hair get damaged?


  • Perms: Ladies, yeah, we’re getting to you! To get that sassy bougie ratchet to look, you often perm your hair. Perm refers to straightening or curling your hair chemically. What it does is transforms the chemical attributes of your hair and cause breakage of the internal bonds making your hair thinner and more delicate.


  • Bleaching: When you are bleaching your hair, you make it more endangered to devastation and ravage. The chemicals enter the cuticle and eradicate the new pigments of your hair. It also gives rise to split ends and makes your hair look dull and shine-deprived.


  • Colouring: Highlights and colouring damage your hair so damn much that you cannot begin to imagine because they distort the interior contour of your hair, leaving it dry. It is one of the significant factors of grey hair if repeatedly tinted or dyed.

Best Hair Care Treatments in Thane- White N Bright Spa & Salon

Why does Thane weather damage your hair?

Colonizing in the city is never a straightforward business, and fellas, the pollution is even more heated when it comes to taking legit care of your hair! I believe, every once in a while, it is an absolute requisite to fete yourself, whether it is to have a cheat day and to indulge in the finger-licking double cheese encrusted domino’s pizza or the yummy Choco lava cake you cut out of your diet weeks ago or treat yourself with a luxurious, breathtaking day at the spa. Yet every time we fondle ourselves, we oversee that our hair too needs the pampering.


Thane’s polluted atmosphere and harsh climatic conditions, and everything that comes forth with it can zap the moisture out of your hair and make it more sensitive to breakage. During the humid summer days, there is all the more moisture in the hair that compels it to look beachier and smoother.


But because of the chilliness in the air, the hair relinquishes moisture and comes to be looking kind of flat and dead. The intense and dusty air can result in the hair strand’s cuticle to heave ever so unusually. In addition to that, the hair being seeped out of moisture during the dusty, filthy months can obliterate your hair to no end.


Here are some of the best hair treatments in Thane

Perming your hair or using additional drastic chemicals on your hair can make it genuinely parched and susceptible. Numerous procedures can make your hair healthy and glossy, giving you that ‘I am the queen of the world’ and diva kind look!

Treatments overview:

Best Hair Care Treatments in Thane - White N Bright Spa & Salon


What is cysteine treatment? Better referred to as Cysteine Complex or Cysteine Hair Smoothing System, Cysteine is one of the most recent techniques to get you soft, fluffy, straight hair. It is essentially a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment.


Cysteine treatment contributes a hell of a lot of boons! It wears off naturally and makes your hair look straight and gorgeous without making it overly apparent. It lasts for like three months. In chemical terms, Cysteine is an amino acid that augments your hair and makes it straighter in appearance.


Cysteine hair treatment is entirely accurate for those who have frizzy, pale, and intractable hair as it maintains your hair and protects from damage, improves the shine, and curtails the frizz. Cysteine treatment reduces about sixty to seventy percent curl volume from your hair.


It is more prudent than keratin treatment and other hair treatments, and it can be conducted on pregnant women. After the treatment is done, your hair will be too susceptible to conservation. There will be no disparity between the treated hair and the current hair, as it just ameliorates the waves of your ordinary hair.

Best Cysteine hair treatment in Thane - White N Bright Spa & Salon


What is keratin treatment? It is better referred to as a Brazilian keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout, it is an ornamental product that is used to make your wavy hair straightened, and it is a hair-care product used to make your wavy hair straightener. In a keratin treatment, the hair structure is not chemically changed, and the hair becomes frizz-free and, of course, manageable, lenient to style, and gives straighter impressionistic attributes.


When you go for smoothening, the treatment modifies your hair’s texture and makes the hair sleek, wherein the keratin treatment doesn’t certainly do that. The cells that blanket over to establish your hair strings, keratin treatment smoothens it down. The hair cuticle consumes the keratin leaving the hair glamorous and polished as ever!

it might take about three to five hours. Initially, the keratin treatment is applied to your wet hair. After about half an hour or so, when the formula is saturated, the stylist will wash your hair. Or they might wash it before, blow dry your hair and then apply the formula.

It all relies on your hair and the stylist. Finally, the stylist passes over any jagged thread of your hair with a flat iron on low to medium heat where the treatment needs to be sealed in.

Best Smoothening Hair treatment in Thane- White N Bright Spa & Salon


What is hair smoothening? Hair smoothening is of two types: Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment. It is a hairstyling method that includes the flattening of hair to give it a smooth, facilitated, shiny impression. It has been adopted since the prematurely 1890s, and it increased vogue during the 1950s.


Smoothening is always a decent option to go for as distinguished to straightening. Straightening damages your hair and causes hair fall as the violent chemicals and heat make the hair follicles hazardous, and they commence to segregate from the roots giving rise to hair fall. Nevertheless, in smoothening hair treatment, a slight hair fall arises, but the amount is less comparatively.


Hair smoothening delivers a lot of benefits- it gives your hair a naturally elegant look. Smoothening can be utterly beneficial on wavy and frizzy hair. However, its effects on thick, curly hair are not that great. It is done by saturating the hair with a formaldehyde formula. This is done after washing the hair, conditioning, and blow-drying it.


After the cream settles down, it is then locked in place with the help of a flat iron. A neutralizer cream is applied to latch the effect. The hair is then washed later. A lot of ingredients are used in these products, such as Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Moringa seed oil, Amino acids, Moroccan argan oil, avocado oil.

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