Couple Spa
We, at White N Bright Spa & Salon, call it a “Couple Retreat”. Couples Spa Packages in Thane retreat starts with a Foot ritual, which will help you disinfect your feet by dipping them into an Urli filed with warm water and a peculiar sea salt blended with essential oil of Indian Rose. Our well trained and experienced therapists once done with the disinfection of your feet, they will escort you to the Spacious and cozy couple suit room and now you are ready to start with your heavenly therapy called Couple retreat.

Secondly, the Spa therapists perform a quick skin analysis of your skin to find out your current skin type and skin conditions so that they can advise you to choose which product will be most helpful and beneficial for your skin. The different products to choose from are Lavender +Mint, Lemongrass + Green tea, Mandarin + Mango and White + Bright.

  • Lavender is incredibly healing to the skin, while calming anxiety, tension, and restlessness for a soothing, peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Lemongrass, a natural antiseptic, regulates the skins oil secretion and minimize pore. Green Tea neutralizes free radicals and reverses the skins sun injures.
  • Mandarin acts as a natural antiseptic as it rejuvenates cell production and refines texture. Mango fruit extract is a rich, natural moisturizer that deeply hydrates and nourishes.
  • Lightens Spots, Reduces scarring, Fades blemishes, Evens skin tone, Brightens and perfects the skin.
  • Couples Spa Packages in Thane These products are very gentle on your skin and yet highly result oriented, Therefore even if your skin is so sensitive too, don’t worry we will handle it in a better way without irritating your skin.

    Once your Body exfoliation is done its time help the product to penetrate into your deeper layer of the skin, nothing but just relax in our steam room for about 5 to 7 minutes and a plain warm shower. It’s time to start your tranquil journey towards serenity and blissfulness. Our highly qualified and experienced therapist will assist you to choose from Swedish Massage/French Aroma Massage/Balinese Massage/Deep Tissue Massage according to your cause and concerns to avail a body massage.

    Couples Spa Packages in Thane Once done with couple massage, Let’s nourish your skin a bit more to bring it more soft, Supple, Plump and shiny. A full body masque application and a wrap over the body will further help you feel your skin reborn.

    Finally a 5 to 7 minutes steam and followed by a shower shall end your couple retreat, But that’s not all, we have Lemon Tea/Ginger Tea/Lemongrass Tea and Green Tea to wake your brain up and return to the normalcy in Couples Spa Packages in Thane.


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