Treatment for oily skin - How to care for oily skin in 8 easy steps
Treatment for oily skin - How to care for oily skin in 8 easy steps

Treatment for oily skin - How to care for oily skin in 8 easy steps

When you are trying to take care of your oily skin the first step you can take is to use a facial for oily skin. You should never cleanse your skin more than what is necessary though. There is a common tendency among women to clean their skin as and when they see oil. The thing with this is that just washing your face does not mean that you would wash away the oil as well.

1 - Moisturizing your skin
This is something that a lot of women find hard to do because for them it goes against their normal habit. Any expert in skincare would, however, tell you that this is an essential part of caring for oily skin. When your skin is dry the sebaceous glands are activated by your system and this ends up producing a lot more oil. 

2 - Do not have ice cream
You can always have a facial for oily skin but doing small things like avoiding ice creams and the like can be helpful for your oily skin as well. The reason for this is the hormonal imbalance that happens because of dairy products such as these. As a female, you should know how your hormones can affect you. 

3 - Having Milk of Magnesia 
Milk of Magnesia is something that can keep oil at bay and this is why it can be good for your oily skin as well. It is not a type of milk per se. It is a laxative. It absorbs the oil on the surface of your skin. This is the reason why it is so good as a primer.

4 - Use a primer that has a matte effect
You know that a facial for oily skin can work wonders for you. However, if you have oily skin you should be wary of using foundation. This is because in the middle of the day it can suddenly form cakes on your skin. A mattifying primer can be so helpful in such a situation!

5 - Curb alcohol intake 
You may have planned a session of binge drinking this weekend with your pals. However, if you have oily skin and if you care for it you should go easy on the booze. Alcohol is really bad for people with oily skin.

6 - Use blotting paper to blot oil away
Apart from getting a great facial for oily skin, this can be helpful for your oily skin as well.

You may not know this. One of the best friends of females with oily skin is blotting paper. You can keep using it throughout the day. This especially helps in the summer when such problems tend to exacerbate.

7 - Baking your face 
This is a Korean technique, known as Jamsu, whereby you apply lots of powder on your face and then dunk your face in the water. You need to stay for a certain period, presumably. When you emerge, you can be sure you would have a matte effect that would last throughout the day.

8 - Using a clay mask
When you are doing a facial for oily skin this is something that you can try as well. You should do it at least once a week. As far as methods for drawing out extra oil from your facial skin are concerned this is easily one of the best. It makes your skin smooth and unbelievably so.