Precautionary Measures taken by White N Bright Spa for Corona Virus
Precautionary Measures taken by White N Bright Spa for Corona Virus

Precautionary Measures taken by White N Bright Spa for Corona Virus

Safety and wellbeing is the first priority of a person. Amidst the gruesome situation of pandemic disease prevailing globally, people are taking efforts to control the situation. Even minor steps taken by the common man can bring the desired changes. Many people have been affected by COVID-19 so far. While the fatal disease fears the existence of human life on Earth, some organizations are taking the necessary initiative to reduce the risk of the Corona Virus to an absolute minimum. Precautions are being taken by all at the primary level to prevent the spread of disease.

Amongst the various organizations taking preventive measures is the White N Bright Spa. It is following the safety measures given by WHO for CoronaVirus, cent percent. Let's take a look at the area taken by the spa to prevent the spread of the pandemic disease to their customers.

Preventive measures adopted by the staff of the spa: 

WHO has framed some guidelines and released a list of preventive measures to be adopted by all. The staff of White N Bright Spa and Salon are trying their level best to follow these precautions. These precautions are-

  • The foremost precaution taken by them is that any staff having any kind of infectious disease or its symptoms, including cough and cold, are being told to pay a visit to the doctor followed by complete rest at home. 

  • The staff members of the salon make it a point to wash their hands and use a sanitizer prior to attending a customer as well as after attending a customer. 

  • While on duty, they ensure that they have their protective mouth masks on. 

  • The staff members have maximized the usage of disposable items that can be thrown after a single-use. 

  • The disinfection process is being carried out on the premises of the spa, several times a day to prevent the spread of viruses or infection.

  • The staff members attend only two customers at a time to prevent rush at the salon. 

    Precautions to be taken by customers:

    While the team of WNB spa and salon is taking all the preventive measures to fight against COVID-19, the customers too are expected to contribute to this process. 

  • Any customer who has symptoms of any infectious disease is requested to avoid a visit to the spa and can clear their doubts regarding the disease at the front desk of the spa. 

  • Customers visiting the salon are advised to wear a good quality mouth mask and to cover their mouths while they cough or sneeze. 

  • If any customer at the spa has symptoms of any kind of infectious disease, then the customer won't be provided with the services or declined for an appointment at the spa and salon.

    At the time of service providing: 

    The customers who are at the spa for the services are suggested to wear their mouth masks while the services are being provided to them. The only exception will be while doing the facials and face waxing, otherwise, they may wear the masks.

    On the evaluation of any symptoms: