Spreading Wellness Through Audi Thane

Spreading Wellness Through Audi Thane

Welcome to Wellness.....

White N Bright Spa & Salon would like to inform you all that we were lucky enough to participate in an event organized by Audi Thane for universal moms. It was a great pleasure to become a wellness partner and a providing a chance for participants to feel the serenity. 

Thank you so much Audi Thane...!

 It was  amazingly fun time with super moms and sharing a bit of wellness touch with them. 

We at White N Bright feel proud to be serving them as well the great compliments we have received. WNB Spa & Salon team has always wanted to spread the knowledge of wellbeing and the serenity to each and every one and this was a superb opportunity that we have got a chance to prove how exactly wellbeing and wellness are an unavoidable part of our day to day life and the importance of caring and building a  stronger inner you.

We believe the human body is a temple and each of us is the priest of this temple. We are responsible for the good upkeep of this body temple through meditation, right intake of food, good amount of physical activities, and balancing the mental and physical well being.

For more info please log on to https://bit.ly/2slzlTs