Face clean ups and Facials

Face clean ups and Facials

Facials are an unavoidable ritual nowadays because the filth and pollution we live in and the amount of damage our own environment does to our skin. It is very important to take good care of our skin especially our face because of the facial skin texture and it gets damaged easily.

People are confused about facial because most of them think that facials are only done when you have a special occasion, this is a misconception and one need to do face cleanups and facials according to the skin needs. Remember facials are not only meant to bring the glow but also entire skin maintenance, Facials are not just removing the black and white heads but also treat your skin issues and help to recover fast from the skin damages and maintain a healthy, soft and supple skin.

We at White N Bright Spa & Salon have segregated facials into two, Basic facials and advanced facials. Basic is for those who don�t have many problems on their skin and the advanced ones are to repair the severely damaged skin. What are skin damages that can happen to facial skin? Pigmentation, Fine lines, deep lines, open pores, excess oil secretion, severe dryness, flaky skin, dehydrated skin, puffiness are some of them.

So how do you choose a facial? We have our well trained and experienced aestheticians who shall perform a skin analysis on your facial skin to find out what is your skin type, what are your skin conditions, what your diet is and what are your day to day routines or activities. After a thorough consultation, we shall recommend a best suitable facial that is required by your skin. Rest is assured, you are in safe hands.

The best facials are only beneficial when performed with good products and proper application methods, We at White N Bright Spa & Salon use internationally recognized, highly result oriented and yet very smooth on your skin. So what are you waiting for to look younger, brighter and glowing book your appointment now.

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