Best Waxing/Hair Removal in Thane

Best Waxing/Hair Removal in Thane

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In this new era, we all are trying to be self-updated when there is a matter of daily grooming. Those days are gone when we have had a nightmare with regards to the painful waxing. 

White N Bright Spa & Salon introduces the latest trend of international waxing which is comparatively 50% less painful. The type of wax is carefully chosen according to the area of waxing. This world-widely recognized waxing brand has different waxes for different body areas like face, arms and legs, intimate areas etc. 

We use peel off wax and cartridge wax which are best suitable for the skin type and skin conditions. The brand has also a specific protocol to follow with the pre and post-wax care products.

Some of the major benefits of this latest waxing techniques are 

  • Less pain
  • No Heat and No burns
  • No stickiness and No Mess
  • No Skin pull and No marks
  • Controls ingrowth and growth speed
  • No rashes and skin friendly

The texture and the temperature of the wax are strictly maintained to get the maximum results. The pre and post waxing lotions work as skin barrier to protect and prevent.

At White N Bright, we practice all type of waxing arms, legs, Chest, Stomach, Back, Face, Bikini and Brazilian Wax.

To Try out our latest and best waxing in Thane reach us and reserve your section now.