Experience Heavenly Pleasure in Couple Massage in Thane

Experience Heavenly Pleasure in Couple Massage in Thane

Couple massages have been created in order to allow for two individuals to bond over mutual recovery from any sort of physical or emotional pain and trauma. This encourages a sense of closeness, which helps in the formation of a strong bond between the couple.

It also creates an atmosphere of familiarity that is highly comforting and helps in the further relaxation of all the muscles in the body. It is an effective method to ease away all the stress by collectively giving into the sweet pleasure of a massage.

Couples could also avail of various discounts on the massages based on the therapy of their choice. This inculcates the feeling of trust and security, which is advantageous in the long run.

What are the different types of couple massages in Thane?

  • Swedish massage: A Swedish massage is a mild form of massage which is ideal for couples who suffer from stress and tension. It helps loosen up the muscles and hence provides relaxation and rest to the body. This massage is ideally meant for people who are relatively new to the concept of massage as it helps them ease into the flow without causing any pain or distress.
  • Hot Stone Massage: As the name suggests a hot stone massage is done with the use of stones which provide the right amount of pressure that is required for the relaxation of the muscles, to improve the blood flow, and to relieve individuals of joint and muscle pains.  The heat that is present on these stones adds to the experience and is very rejuvenating for the body.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy gives the clients all the necessary benefits of a normal massage with the added advantage of emotional healing. This therapy is highly efficient and is recommended for individuals who have had to go through the emotional trauma of any sort. It helps reduce stress levels as well as anxiety, depression, and sadness. A masseuse is well equipped in the art of aromatherapy and is capable of providing an extraordinary experience to the customers with the help of hot oils and fragrances. A couple who are facing obstacles in their personal lives due to various troubles could resort to this therapy.  
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is meant for people who have damaged any of the parts of the body, as it applies heavy pressure to cleanse out the deep tissues of the body. This creates a feeling of complete body relaxation and it is advisable for people with severe pains to consider this form of massage in order to ease the pain and stress within the body.
  • Sports Massage: Athletes and sports enthusiasts often end up severely hurting themselves due to the repeated pulling of muscles or injuries. This creates a problem as these injuries prevent the sportsmen from utilizing their full potential. A sports massage improves the flexibility and the strength of the muscles to a great extent and therefore it is very essential.