White N Bright COVID-19 Precautions to Offer You Safe Services


Of course! The COVID-19 lockdown has put you into a very skeptical situation and you will be getting terribly uneasy because your eyebrows and hair have overgrown for the past months!


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


The appointment to the beauty salon for a haircut, eyebrow styling service and wax has become a bygone plan since the extended lockdown.

What it will be like if you can enter a salon which has all the safety measures as per WHO guidelines which are completely safe from taking the 100% disinfected seat and getting you more beautiful in the next hour!


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


Undoubtedly, your safety and satisfaction are the first priority for White N Bright, dude!

So, what have White N Bright done to assure you 100% safety measures?


1.Disinfection of The Entire Premises Every Two Hours


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


Yeah! We don't want you to get infected by the styling tools, seat, shower and pedicure tub. They are safe and secure because we are putting the styling tools into barbicide solutions

It is pretty good to know that the barbicide solutions will even kill contagious virus-like coronavirus, HIV and others.

We are wiping the tables, furniture and other repeated touchpoint zones like doorknobs and even switches with disinfecting solutions for every two hours.

2. Personal Protective Equipment Are the Safe Guard


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


We wear disposable Personal Protective Equipment and maintain the highest level of hygiene since beauty salons are high touch industries.

We are working in a motto of not getting infected and not to infect others. We wear Personal Protective Equipment at all working hours.

Personal Protective Equipment’s Includes

  • Mask
  • Latex gloves each time for a new service
  • Disposable gowns
  • Eye protection kits like goggles and face shields
  • Cap to cover our head
  • Shoe covers

The personal protective equipment is generally used by healthcare professionals to completely reduce the risk to transmit the virus.

Our staffs are very carefully trained to wear and removed them and other environmental disinfection procedures. We dispose of them properly in garbage bags.

3. We Perform Hand Hygiene Every Time


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane

It may be trivial to hear! As Ignaz Semmelweis proved more than 150 years ago, hand washing reduces the microbe’s transmission.

Handwashing with liquid soap and water are frequently followed by our staffs for every appointment.

Soap breaks the fat and leaves it unable to cause infection. It also makes the hand slippery during the mechanical movements of handwashing which rip off viruses from your hands. We also use hand sanitizers precisely.

4. Thermal Scanning for Our Staffs and Customers.

We do thermal scanning before customers enter as well as for us very frequently. The appointments of clients having a high temperature are cancelled.

5. Proper Handling of Towels and Linen Clothes.

We try our level best to use maximum disposable materials wherever possible. We offer a sterile towel for clients every time. These towels are properly washed by disinfecting solutions.

6. Maintain A Good Distance from Other Client's


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


We direct clients to the designated rooms and area and prevent distance from other clients as possible.

7. We Maintain Proper Toilet Hygiene

White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane

Of course, this is a hygiene measure which should be taken in every public setting.  We clean the toilet and keep it dry very frequently. We have washbasins equipped with handwash to rip your hands-off germs and keep them dry.

8. Removed Frequently Touched Things

Magazines and advertisements are mostly used by our customers to flip through during their waiting time or the therapy to be done. But recently, we have stopped the publications since we don't want to make the situation problematic.

So, customers, it is the perfect time to get fully engaged with the therapy and our staff, close your eyes and get relaxed!

9. We Encourage Staffs to Stay at Home When Sick

This is a very strict standard we follow in this crucial time. By chance, when our employers get sick, they are recommended to stay at home to avoid transmission of any virus.

10. Online Booking Services

We use online booking services to allow pre-booking and advance cancellation facilities for our customers when they feel sick. For your information, we are working with 100% prior appointments and no walk-in customers are welcome in this pandemic situation.

11. Clean Changing Rooms

The personal changing and restrooms are made spick and span with cleaning solutions and hot washed screens. They are cleared off personal leftover products of other clients and disposed of in a proper way.

12. Ensure Only Limited Crowd in The Salon

We ensure not crowding of appointments and reduce congestion by having spacious entry and exit points to encourage social distancing. We take only prior appointments to reduce waiting time.

13. Car Parking Facilities

Car and two-wheeler parking facilities are also available which provides an ease to our customers. The spacious area outside the Salon is very convenient and maintain social distancing 6 feet apart.

Why Beauty Salons Are Important During Lockdown?

Well, it's not only based on beauty but the real thing is mental and physical health.

We are offering spa therapies, skin refinements, relax zones, exfoliating procedures and aromatherapy and many more.

So, how are these going to benefit you?


White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


  • It deeply nourishes the skin and removes all the impurities.
  • This amazing massage therapies help to relax your body muscles and relieve stress.
  • Besides, massage is a worth therapy to try in this lockdown due to increased physical inactivity. This also prevents the formation of varicose veins.
  • The increased blood circulation and cell metabolism will promote healthy and glowing skin.
  • They lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart rate.
  • Relieves body ache.
  • Supports weight loss.
  • Haircuts will help you to maintain the shape of the hair and throw off split ends. A long period of split ends in your hair helps them to climb up and damage your hair and hair follicles.
  • Foot reflexology helps you to apply pressure to the pressure points of the foot and enhance the functioning of the internal organs.

Relieving from the busy and hectic schedule, it's time to care about our health and body. By the guidance of beauty experts with 100% safety precautions, let's go glowing by the time we go back to work!

Locking Up Yourself at Home Is Boring!

White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


C'mon dude! Locking yourself up definitely sucks! Studies from Wuhan and Australia have mentioned that people are suffering from lockdown depression and insomnia.

White N Bright spa services definitely gonna help you to get a lot of valuable z's and put you in a sound sleep by catching a lot of candy dreams.

Won't it be nice if you have reduced your age by looks even half of the year is running in lockdown? It's not magic. Take a step to White N Bright, then!

Our therapies also provide Anti-Aging results which make you beautiful before you get back to work, college, or say a perfect outing with your loved one after a long time.

What Services We Are Providing?

White N Bright Spa & Salon in Thane


We are a full-fledged Spa & Salon, catering Body, Beauty, Skin and Hair services

  • Body Massages services,
  • Body Scrubs services,
  • Body Wraps,
  • Body Polishing,
  • Skin refinements,
  • Body envelopments,
  • Facials services,
  • Threading,
  • Waxing,
  • Manicure procedures,
  • Pedicure treatments,
  • De-tan,
  • Bleach,
  • Haircut,
  • Hair color,
  • Hair spa,
  • Hair straightening,
  • Hair smoothening,
  • Foot reflexology and many other fascinating therapies

Of course, looking healthy, young and beautiful is a desire for every living thing on the planet. Nature to say gives with one hand and takes with the other in the terror-stricken name as Coronavirus.

So, you can proceed with spa, aromatherapies, foot reflexology which boosts blood circulation improves your immunity and relieves depression.

Still doubtful? Take in mind, we don't have an expiry date. White N Bright offer best services anytime which are trustworthy, priceworthy and leave you satisfied and impressed! Give it a shot, then!