Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane

Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane

Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane - as name suggests deep tissue massage is a massage where therapists are trying to reach into the deeper layer of muscles to release the stress and tension. This is also often called as sports massage because the person who physically very active, deep tissue massages is a real blessing for them.

Unlike the other massages, in deep tissue massage, the technicians use their knuckles and forearms to sink into the deeper layers of the muscles. But deep tissue massage is not all about having a pressure full massage. Believe me, it’s all about sinking techniques and the pressure can be customized at any point of time while the therapy is on.

When a muscle flexes or extends there is a process called “Myofilament theory” take place. In this theory energy molecules are used and as a byproduct lactic acid is created. The lactic acid is harmful to the muscle tissues and one need to drain this off to the blood so that it will go out of the body through the sweat and urine. However even after warming up, cooling down and stretching the body cannot drain the entire lactic acid from the muscles, thus the Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane is very helpful for the people who are gym goers, athletes and any one whose muscles are aching.

Deep tissue massage is the best massage for those who have muscle aches and pains. Joint and flexibility issues, muscles stress and tension. For example, if you went for a marathon it’s obvious your calf and thigh muscles are going to ache because these both muscle groups have worked out at large and produced so much of lactic acid. Therefore removal of this is very much needed so that your muscles are ready to rock again in Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane.

Deep tissue massage is very slow process massage and one can simply have deep sleep while the therapy is on as mentioned above the expert hands flows and sink into your muscles gently and release the strain around it.

Deep Tissue massage can be done with oil, cream and balms. Commonly the essential oils peppermint, camphor and eucalyptus are used as they have properties to lessen and cure the pain. Cream and balms also can be used with the similar blends to reduce the aches and release the contracted muscles.

The main benefit of this massage is reliving aches pains from the body and releasing the contracted muscle groups to more flexibility. It’s a myth that deep tissue massage is a painful massage while working on the knots, but it’s not true, the knots cannot be cleared at once and it’s a slow process thus the pressure of the Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane can always be customized according to ones need.

One should not eat anything heavy before the deep tissue therapy, light snacks are fine. As usual, after the therapy one should have plenty of fluids so that all the toxins in the blood stream can be flushed out easily.

Always remember to reach the Deep Tissue Sports Massage Spa in Thane well before the appointment so that one can have a detailed conversation with the front desk executive with regards to your health and other medical conditions if any.

Spa Timings

Monday - Sunday : 10:00am - 10:00pm


White N Bright Spa & Salon 206/207, Second Floor,
Ashar Tiara Commercial Complex,
Above PMC Bank, Vasant Vihar,
Pokhran Road No-2,
Gandhi Nagar, Thane West,
PIN - 400610.