Best Haircut and Hair colour Services in Thane

Best Haircut and Hair colour Services in Thane

Life in the 21st century is no bed of roses and not many people think of spending time to take at least the minimum care of their body and relax!

Best Salon in Thane

A bush of flowers looks appealing in the garden only when they get their maintenance and cut, and why don't we think it goes in the same way for us also? The benefits of getting to parlours and experiencing professional services cannot be done at home especially a haircut!



Get the best professional haircut and hair colour services for man and woman to enhance your beauty at no time in between your hectic schedule.

1.Why Hair Is the Most Important Part of Your Look?


Say, if you are dressed impressively to look good before your family or work colleagues but your hair is not done properly, what it will be like? This messy mess on top of your head can entirely ruin the whole look.


With a bad hairstyle, people can name you boring, lazy, sleepy and even unhygienic! This doesn't only look bad but will have a negative impact on an entire day.

Best haircut in Thane

Turning flipside, let's think you are dressed in a formal suit and have a bun on top of your head, isn't it appealing? The look of a classy businesswoman presenting in a board meeting.



Or a yellow dress with printed flowers on it with loose waves? Isn't it so lovely?

2. Planning to Look Good for Your Day?

Best Hair Salon in Thane

Then, White N Bright is the best salon for a professional haircut and hair colour services to get a stunning new look you will grow fond of!  The best styling salon for a haircut for girls and boys.


It is one of the most trusted and full-fledged spa and salon providing all the services like waxing, manicure, pedicure, foot reflexology, haircut for man and women, threading, bleach, facials, skin refinements, massage and spa.


Our staffs are truly committed to the responsibility of impressed you until you are satisfied.


We play an integral role to bring a tremendous change in the salon industry by using 100% safe and effective products in a hygienic condition. We'll transform the look exactly what you expect.

3. What Haircut and Hair colour Services We Provide?


Hair Services for Men

Best Men Salon in Thane


Hair wash                      

Beard Design                 

Global Colour                 

(Ammonia Free)             

Global Colour


Per streak                   


Nourishing Hair Spa       

Colour Dose Treatment    



Hair Services for Women

Best Female Salon in Thane

Hair Cut                            


Hair Wash                           

Hair Wash and Blow Dry     

Root Touch-ups                    

Root Touch Up

(Ammonia Free)                  

Highlights Per Streak             

Nourishing Hair Spa             

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Colour Dose Treatment    

Pro-Keratin Treatment       


Global Colour

Global Colour (Ammonia Free)



Hair Ironing


4. Other Services Available in Our Full-Fledged Spa & Salon

Best Hair Salon in Thane

  • Body Massages services,
  • Body Scrubs services,
  • Body Wraps,
  • Body Polishing,
  • Skin refinements,
  • Body envelopments,
  • Facials services,
  • Threading,
  • Waxing,
  • Manicure procedures,
  • Pedicure treatments,
  • De-tan,
  • Bleach
  • Foot reflexology and many other fascinating therapies

5. Why You Should Choose Us?

Best Spa & Salon in Thane

We are one and only salon in the west thane to have thousands of regular customers with good reviews and ratings.


We have been awarded Excellence Radio City 2018 Thane and Navi Mumbai.

We also have been awarded by for Top three Massage Therapy in Thane for 2019 and 2020.


Our motto is to provide you with satisfactory services at affordable prices with a world-class luxurious spa experience!

6. How We Provide You A Good Experience?

Best Family Salon in Thane- White N Bright Spa & Salon

Professional Services are Done by Our Beauticians.


Undoubtedly, our beautician who is going to service you are well trained and knowledge to provide you with the best services. They are going to give their ear to your words and provide you with the look you want!



We Use Quality Products and Styling Materials


We offer a wide range of effective and quality products to our customers and these are not easily available at stores. These products will assure you a healthy skin and treats your issues etc.


In case you have an allergic condition, kindly notify our team at the time of reservation. Please take note that it is extremely important if you are suffering from cardiovascular disorders, a respiratory issue or undergoing pregnancy.


Proper Disinfection of The Styling Tools


This is the most important thing to be present in every public setting like spas and salons. Our staffs are well informed about the risks of using the same tools for two or three and they don't do. Every styling tool are left for 15 mins in disinfectant solutions.


We use proper sanitizers, disposable sterile towels and disinfectant solutions and all other COVID- 19 measures as per WHO. We ensure that no one's health is put at risk at every step we take.


We Understand the Importance of Salon Hygiene and We Maintain It!


Being in a salon environment, you will be exposed to clients who do their haircut, pedicure and waxing! So, we are giving utmost importance to the toilets and bath areas, cleaning it and keeping them dry very frequently.



Online Booking Services


Online booking services are available at our full-fledged spa and salon to make your schedule easier! No more waiting then. Book your appointment and enter to our place at the right time. There will be our beautician waiting for you with a pleasant smile!

There are many reasons why people are enjoying beauty parlours. There's isn't just one reason for everybody and not all reasons are covered.


I guess the first and potential reason is to be confident!

Best Salon in Thane- White N Bright Spa & Salon

Besides, A spa for a month makes you refreshing since we don't spend time for a jog or walk every day.


Our pedicure services and foot reflexology take care of your dried feet and toes because it isn't good to look beautiful in a maxi and hide your cracked heels using sandals.


And a haircut with split ends trimming is a required service for your hair because we don't want all the split ends to climb and ruin the entire hair!


What's more to think! Visit our White N Bright salon professional services because we are the major self-esteem boost.